Summer Escape to Royalton Negril Resort & Spa

If you are like me, you would want to escape this summer heat. It feels like it is getting hotter everyday and I just want some relief. What better place to find relief than in Negril, Jamaica where the breeze is cool and the beaches go on for miles. Just as luck would have it, one of my best friends got a great deal with the Luxury All-Inclusive Resort- Royalton Negril Resort and Spa that recently opened. You can’t imagine how excited I was at this point. I packed a few things, jumped in the car with some friends and off we went.

I know Negril is amazing, but the journey to Negril is breathtaking. I was in awe at all the beautiful scenes, the lush vegetation, the fresh air, the inviting blue sea and the friendly Jamaicans along the road. Even though it was a long ride, I would do it all over again.

To be honest, this was my first time driving to Negril and by faith and Google maps, I was finding my way. We almost got lost at a point as there weren’t any ‘Royalton’ signs on the road but we took a chance and drove to Hedonism and that’s when we discovered that Royalton Negril was right next to it.

On arrival, we had a pleasant welcome but the check-in process took quite awhile. In the meantime, we were escorted to their Sports Bar/Restaurant called ‘Score’. We had a quick and delicious snack, then we were guided to our rooms. The view that I had when I opened the door was unbelievable. The room was luxurious, clean, and welcoming. What did it for me was when I laid my eyes upon the Jacuzzi. Seeing is believing friends.

Everyone shies away from the rooms on the first floor but at Royalton, those rooms are in demand. “Why?” you may ask. Well, they so happen to have their own pool that you can use anytime you want.

What about the Restaurants?

I loved that Royalton has reservation free dining, so you can enjoy the variety of international gourmet cuisine without the worries of reserving a table. Everyone who knows me, knows that I had to try the food at all the restaurants. It was an amazing food experience and over the 3 days my mouth was filled with flavours from Italy, Mexico, America, Japan and the Caribbean.

My taste buds went into overdrive. Every bite was delicious but I especially remembered the juicy steak from Hunter Steakhouse, the sushi and mouthwatering shrimp from the Teppanyaki table in the Zen restaurant.

To complete this experience, I had some lovely wine and a variety of cocktails.

Royalton Negril has a lot of fun activities for everyone and it keeps you going throughout the day. I enjoyed swimming in the infinity pool, looking at the various sea animals in the clear water at the beach and paddle boarding. You can view more of their activities here: Royalton Negril Activities

I must say that this was a life changing experience for me and a chance to escape into luxury for a short time. I managed to travel all over the world through their food whilst enjoying the cool tropical vibe of Negril and relaxing in the clear refreshing waters at the beach. Amazing is an understatement for this new hotel so I can imagine how great it will be as time passes. I definitely recommend a visit to Royalton Negril, Jamaica (View their webpage here).


Restaurant Review: 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar Ltd.

I was recently invited to a group dinner with colleagues at 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar Ltd. You all know that the foodie in me wasn’t going to miss the chance at a new dining experience.

An explosion of Jamaican flavours is what I remember most when I think about 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar Ltd. Before I tell you all about the food, let me tell you a little about the restaurant.

8 Spices Quick Facts

  • Recently opened in February 2017.
  • Specializes in Jamaican Inspired Cuisine.
  • Owned by Chef Melissa Dukharan-Constantine.
  • The name ‘8 Spices’ is based on the 8 seasonings used in her signature jerk dishes. 
  • Located at 7 Grosvenor Terrace Kingston, Jamaica
  • Accommodates both small and large groups, walk-ins and reservations.

As a Jamaican, I know that providing amazing customer service is not in our culture but we are slowly evolving as a nation to get where we need to be. I am always looking for restaurants with great customer service and 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar is one such restaurant.  The staff was very pleasant and attentive from the beginning to the end. The decor that includes low lighting, palm trees and Jamaican colours creates a tropical, fun and intimate atmosphere. To my surprise and enjoyment, they even had a DJ onsite playing music from the 80’s to present, which added to the whole Jamaican feel of the place. Persons from my group even got up and started to dance and sing as they enjoyed the music so much.

I started out my night with a lovely drink from the bar, a Virgin Mango Daiquiri, then I ordered the soup of the day (Fish Soup). They have a wide variety of Jamaican inspired cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) on their menu along with the usual Jamaican beers, rum and vodka. The price for these cocktails range from approximately $500- $900.

When you are hungry most things taste good but when I drank the soup, I can honestly say it wasn’t the hunger, it was just that good. It was a nice, hearty soup with lots of flavour and actual chunks of fish. Then I tried another appetizer, ‘Stamp and Go’, which was Jamaican Saltfish Fritters served with a spiced papaya chutney. When I placed the Fritter in the chutney and took a bite, I had to look to the stars. How amazing can one bite be?! The Fritter was crispy but not oily and when mixed with the sweetness of the chutney, it was like a match made in heaven. I had the chance to taste other appetizers such as the Rum Barbeque Wings (So Juicy!) and the Pimento Crusted Cheese Sticks served with Sweet Scotch Bonnet Sauce. I don’t know how they create such wonderful flavours but I urge the chef to continue. I especially loved the Sweet Scotch Bonnet Sauce. My taste buds were super excited and just screaming for more. The price for the appetizers ranges from $550-$1200.

The wait time for the main course was about 45 minutes depending on what was ordered but the time flew by as we were being entertained by the DJ. I ordered the 8 Spices Jerk Barbeque Chicken with Sweet Potato Fries. I loved how tender and tasty the chicken was but I didn’t enjoy the fries as much as I thought I would (needed them to be crispy and taste less like frozen pre-packaged fries). I then tried the Shrimp Rundown Pasta and I was pleasantly surprised. I am not a fan of the traditional ‘Rundown’ dish but I was a bit curious as to how it tasted with Shrimp and Pasta. Wow! The dish was so delicious that I am now thinking of trying the traditional ‘Rundown’ again.


I also tried the Jerk Pork which was really good and it had just the right amount of heat from the spices. My colleagues advised that the 8 Spices Jerk Chicken Quesadillas, Jerk Chicken with Festivals and the Jerk Pasta with chicken were great and you get to choose how spicy you want it. The price for the main course ranges from $1000- $1800.

A main course that stood out was the Oxtail and Beans. Jamaican’s know an Oxtail dish is good when you eat it right down to the bone and you just can’t leave it alone. When my colleague said that he had to stop and take home the Oxtail, I knew right then that the Oxtail was so great that he had to opt to enjoy every single bone at home (couldn’t risk everyone seeing him devouring the oxtail at the table).

My experience eating the food at 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar was mind-blowing. The combination of flavours was so wonderful, so Jamaican and so unique. If you ever get tired of cooking at home but still want Jamaican flavours, then I highly recommend a visit to 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar. If you have family, friends or even co-workers visiting from overseas, don’t miss the chance to have them enjoy this Jamaican experience. See more on their Instagram (8 Spices Restaurant and Bar IG ) or Facebook Page ( 8 Spices Restaurant and Bar FB).

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Konoko Falls and Park- St. Ann, Jamaica (Review)

As I grow older , I find that every moment with my family is precious and I just want to have a lot of those moments, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Ever had that feeling where you just want to stop working and head home to the comfort of your family? This same feeling led me back to my hometown in St. Ann.

Going home just wasn’t enough, I wanted to see my mom and sisters laughing, and I wanted to create fun memories while I was with them. That led me to thinking about possible ways to make those memories and that’s when I got the great idea of being a ‘local tourist’. There are a lot of attractions in Ocho Rios but I heard about the new Konoko Falls and Park and I thought it would be nice to check it out.

Konoko Falls Quick Facts

  • Previously known as Coyaba Gardens and Mahoe Falls.
  • Located in the hills just outside Ocho Rios.
  • Taino Indians settled here in the past and ‘Konoko’ means ‘Rainforest’ in Arawak.
  • Partners with the Hope Zoo Preservation Trust to help with endangered animal species.

I would describe Konoko falls as a flora and fauna wonderland. It is so beautiful and can be a great place for family trips, weddings, chilling with friends, a trip with bae, or even just a photo shoot.

The road was a bit bumpy up the hill but it was manageable (I think they should get it fixed a bit though). On arrival, I was very pleased as we were welcomed and escorted to the front office. At the office we were also greeted by a talking parrot and a few other animals.

We paid the entry fee, then my family and I began a tour. As always, I have to let you know how much it will cost you. The entry fee for adult locals was $1500 and the fee for kids was a bit less. These fees are subject to change so, I would advise calling before you make the trip to check the total cost for entry (Entrance Fees). You might say the fee is too high and I would have agreed with you in the past but now I have been convinced that it was worth every cent. You get value for your money and the customer service from beginning to end was wonderful.

We had a tour of the beautiful river garden with so many stories about the plants and we were introduced to the Koi fishes and the different types of birds there as well. Want a little excitement? Try feeding the birds in the aviary. They will be flying all around you and perching on your hands if you happen to have some food. If you are brave enough like my little sister, you can try holding the Jamaican Boa while it’s wrapping itself around you.

Moving on from the aviary, the guide gave us a tour of the museum which contained precious artefacts used back in the Taino days.

After the museum tour, I was like “Yes, waterfalls time!” but this wasn’t the case. We had more to see and boy was I excited. The guide brought us to the mini zoo where we saw a few endemic species moving about such as the Jamaican Coney, Yellow-billed Parrot, Jamaican Boa, and Jamaican Owl.

Finally we made our way to the waterfalls but not before passing the Konoko Bar and Grill and checking out the Lookout Point. I highly recommend going to the Ysassi Lookout point as it displays an extraordinary view of Ocho Rios that you wouldn’t see anywhere else.


Unto the main attraction, the waterfalls, but be prepared for a quick exercise as I had to walk down more than 100 steps to get to the beginning of the falls. Most persons opt to stay in the pools at the top of the falls but not me. I wanted to see the falls in all its glory so I trekked all the way to the bottom. If you can handle the work out, it would be nice to take the stairs down then climb the falls back to the top (use water shoes if you are climbing the falls). Sadly, I didn’t climb the falls as my family was very content with the cascading water and the small pools at the foot of the falls.

Overall, I would say this was a day well spent with the family at Konoko Falls and Park. It was peaceful, beautiful, fun and exciting all at the same time. If you are thinking of somewhere in St. Ann to visit, then try Konoko Falls and I’m sure you will be glad you did. For more info, visit Konoko Falls and Park .

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5 Ways to Have Crazy Fun At Frenchman’s Cove

“World Famous”, “A Jewel in a Crown”, “The Best Beach on the Island”, “Charming Place”, and “Unspoiled Beauty” are just a few words used to describe Frenchman’s Cove. Now, after hearing all these words, wouldn’t you be interested? Wouldn’t you want to see for yourself what all this talk was about? In Jamaica, we have this saying “Seeing is believing”, so of course I was dying to see the Cove. I gathered a group of friends and unto Portland we went.

Frenchman pic
Photo Credit: Visit Jamaica

The journey was great, sunny and scenic until we got to Portland. It started to rain, but a little rain wasn’t going to stop me from having the fun that I pictured the previous day. We finally arrived after about 2hrs of driving (yes, it was still raining). Nevertheless, my friends and I had a blast, which is why I wanted to share 5 ways you can have crazy fun at Frenchman’s cove too.

  1. Climb the rope by the river then jump in– This will get your adrenaline going. Test your strength with the climb. Are you brave enough to make that jump? Mainly for great swimmers (and those of us who can swim to save our own lives) but non swimmers don’t worry; lifeguards are present during the opening hours of 9am-5pm. The river is very refreshing so even if you don’t make the jump, relax in it a bit.

    Swing Rope..Make the Jump!!!!
  2. Go for a swing over the river– I found it thrilling to sit on the “swing sang” (Jamaican term for swing) because I’m one of those semi-swimmers. If you are a daredevil, try standing on the swing while it’s moving then jump in the river. The rush that you get is amazing.

  3. Have a race in the sea– We are super competitive as a people, so this will be fun. Hopefully you will be the winner. You can use the marker in the water as the start/end point. IMG_20170422_130437
  4. Football or ‘Sightings’– Have a match on the sand. Everyone can play. The ball may go in the water but that adds to our fun.
  5. Play Charades on the beach– If you are not into the action packed activities then Charades is for you. You can find the app here Charades App

Bonus: Bury someone in the sand or Surprise Dunk someone in the water.

Quick Facts

  • Frenchman’s cove beach is located at the Frenchman’s Cove Resort in Port Antonio, Portland.
  • Named after wounded French soldiers who took refuge in the cove when they were battling with the British.
  • Entrance Fee: Locals with valid ID- JMD$800, Tourists- JMD$1000 or USD$10, Kids 12 yrs & below- 1/2 price. Please see their website for more info Frenchman’s Cove Prices
  • Yes, it’s worth it. Access to a clean and well maintained private property, free use of beach chairs, a refreshing river, lifeguards on duty, a “not too salty” sea, access to a beach bar and peace.

Bonus Pics

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Road Trip to Bath Fountain Hot Springs: Jamaica’s Healing Waters

Bath Fountain Hot Springs, St. Thomas

Nestled in the cool hills of St. Thomas, you can find Bath Fountain Hot Springs. It is widely known for its healing mineral waters and has been visited by people all over the world. I wanted to see for myself what all the buzz was about so my friends and I decided to take a road trip. I didn’t know what to expect and let me tell you, it was well worth the trip. I was really impressed. 



Here are the reasons why I was impressed and why I think you should definitely go:

1. The Awesome Drive from Kingston to Bath, St. Thomas 

The journey to Bath was long but the scenery was amazing. The road took us through some hills and valleys filled with greenery and quite a few corners. I thought I would continue seeing trees but then it appeared. This beautiful view of the sea and water hitting against the rocks. It was picture perfect. We also passed a small spring by the roadside and a few beaches along the way. As you get closer to the destination, the road gets a bit bumpy so be careful but keep going because it is worth it.

2. The Hike

You have two options to enjoy the mineral bath. Option one: Use the indoor fountain at Bath Hotel (You have more privacy here and it has an entry fee). Option two: Use the outdoor fountain (You will have to take a short hike to get to the springs and it is free to use). Being the adventurous Jamaican, I took the hike. Seeing that my friends and I didn’t know where to go, we opted for a guide. The trail was a bit challenging but it was manageable. The view was great here as well.

3. Steaming hot water vs. Relaxingly cool water

After a short hike, there is nothing more wonderful than feeling cool mineral water flowing along your feet. The beauty of the Bath fountain was that you had a choice between enjoying the hot water warming your muscles and the cool water flowing by your feet. It is said that this water heals, and helps with aches and pains.


4. The Unexpected Massage with Pimento Oil

I’ve always heard about locals providing massages but I really didn’t expect to get one. I was just fascinated with the idea of enjoying the springs. As we were getting settled after the hike, the guides began introducing us to massage oils. Next thing I knew was that my feet were being massaged. When I looked around, I realized my friends were being massaged as well. Now I’m not one to spoil the fun, but I really was a bit hesitant of having a stranger massage me. Then I said to myself, “Relax and just enjoy these moments. These are the moments that you will remember most. Let go of your fears and just live.” That is exactly what I did. When I let go of all my doubts and just immersed myself in the moment, it was simply amazing. Imagine literally being surrounded by nature and getting a nice deep tissue and hot stone massage.

PhotoGrid_1488063787617PhotoGrid_1488063611065After the oil massage, we were then coated in a sulphur based mud mask. We waited for the mask to dry, then we washed off under a shower of hot water flowing out of the mountain side. I don’t know if it was the sun shining at just the right time, but my skin had a glow like never before. It was so smooth and soft and I just felt super relaxed.

5. Satisfy Your Hunger with Local Food

By the time we were ready to leave we were beyond hungry. Luckily, there was a local jerk man who happily provided us with meals and he even catered to vegetarians. The food was good and very filling so I definitely recommend trying it or bring a snack to avoid the hunger.

Tips for the trip (I wished someone told me the following before my trip so I’m telling you all):

  1. If you are a female and plan on getting a massage, wear a two piece swim suit.
  2. Negotiate with your guide/ masseuse about the charge for the massage and the type of massage you want before they begin. Prices can range between $1000JMD and $2500JMD. This price isn’t set and is determined by you and your guide.
  3. There will be persons at the foot of the hill asking for a ride/ asking to be your guide but they normally charge a steep price. If you would like to use the friendly guide that I had, please send me a quick message.
  4. Little boys will be outside washing your car for a quick dollar. Again, it is up to you what you would like to offer them.
  5. Bring your cameras as you will want to take lots of pictures.
  6. Well I hope this helps guys! I had lots of fun and I hope you will too.
  7. Visit in the morning when there is less crowd.

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Dive Into The New Year With A Visit To YS Falls

The good thing about travelling around Jamaica, to view all of its natural wonders, is that you start to discover many things about yourself.  I love all water attractions but there is just something extra special about a waterfall. I just feel a wave of peace pass over me when I’m near a waterfall. Have you ever felt like that before? I am happy and blessed to live in a country where there are many waterfalls to visit. The destination I chose this time was YS Falls. See this cascading beauty below:


YS Falls is for the entire family and for every personality type. It is located on YS Estate in the parish of St. Elizabeth. Yes, it is a very far drive from the coast but don’t be discouraged. It is absolutely worth the journey. I got the chance to drive through the famous Holland Bamboo on my way and it is as stunning as all the pictures I’ve seen.


When I arrived at YS Falls, the fun began. Here is a list of activities and things to know:

  1. Tractor Ride to the falls: It’s a bumpy ride but it’s fun and authentic. The country scenery is breathtaking with 2 or 3 cows here and there.
  2. Swim in the natural spring pool: For both young and old. Stay under water for a few seconds and listen to the natural music of the pebbles that line the floor of the pool. They sound like Maracas. YS Falls Spring Pool
  3. Swim in the garden pool or get a tan by the pool: Surrounded by Cabanas. 
  4. Have a picnic or meditate on the lawns: It’s a vast area of land surrounded by lush vegetation with the sound of the waterfalls in the background. An amazing place to connect with nature.
  5. Climb the falls and take a swim: Life guards are present and ready to help when you need them.



  1. Swing and jump into the water: Are you a thrill seeker? If yes, this is for you. There is a swing rope available at the falls which allows you to swing across the waterfall and jump in.
  2. Canopy Zipline tour: A must do activity for the adventurous person. Fly through the air above the waterfalls with trees all around. Talk about an adrenaline rush! YS Falls Canopy Tour
  3. Changing Rooms: Both male and female changing rooms and restrooms are available for use.
  4. Lockers: Optional but available to keep your valuables safe while you have fun.
  5. Gift Shop and Restaurant: Jamaican food and beverages are available for purchase at a reasonable cost. Don’t forgot to stop at the gift shop on your way out.  I bought a postcard as my souvenir.

Rates: YS Falls Rates. Rates for locals may differ as with most attractions in Jamaica.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Winnifred Beach, Portland

Have you ever taken a trip without knowing exactly where you are going? Well I did and it was one of my most beautiful experiences yet. I was invited on another adventure last weekend and all I knew was that I was going to Portland. This got me really excited and I started hoping that I was going to Frenchman’s cove but I was ok either way. As we were driving, I admired how Portland has such a preserved, natural and untouched vibe in comparison to other parts of Jamaica. If you ever want to discover what paradise feels like, you should go to Portland.

To get to the beach, we had to drive down a bumpy road surrounded by lush vegetation but it was well worth the jewel that blessed my eyes.


These are the reasons you should visit Winnifred Beach:

The Water

It’s absolutely amazing how clean and clear the water is at Winnifred Beach. If you are just taking a dip, you can see everything around you clearly. It is perfect for snorkeling  without having to go too far out in the sea. During the late evening, you can also see schools of tiny fishes coming close to shore. If you love the sea like myself, it is a great place to reconnect with nature.



The Serenity

Winnifred Beach is the most peaceful beach I’ve been in awhile. You’ll find just a few people on the beach at any one time and I love that. It’s a perfect place to just sit and think or be inspired without being disturbed. The sounds of the sea will just let you drift right off to sleep. 


The Sun

I’m not the biggest fan of the sun but it was just right at this beach. It peaked out at the perfect times to supply me with Vitamin D and create that great lighting for beautiful pictures. This beach is great for sunbathing as well.


The Food

Winnifred Beach is just about 10 minutes or less from the famous Boston Jerk however, right along the beach, you can get authentic Jamaican food. There was the good Jamaican boiled corn and soup to warm you up. There was also jerked chicken or steamed fish served with fried plantains, bammy, festival, rice and peas. The food stalls also had varying seafood and drinks. I noticed that they had natural coconut water as well.

The Fun

Great chill spot for you and your friends to have fun and drink a cold beer, play football with the locals or just simple games like ‘Taboo’.

*The beach is absolutely free but locals who take care of the beach may ask for a small contribution (100JMD) to help with the maintenance of the beach. Turtles love this beach and I do too because it is clean, so let us keep it that way.

Paradise awaits!

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Restaurant Review: Annex East Japanese

I love the fact that Jamaica’s motto says, ‘Out of many one people’, as it describes our culture very well. If you are looking for that great Japanese food experience then Annex East Japanese is the perfect place. It’s located in The Courtyard at 71 Lady Musgrave road, Kingston just minutes away from Half Way Tree and Liguanea.

DECOR: The decor is very modern, relaxing and the chairs are comfortable. Annex East Japanese is great for both the young and old. During my visit, I noticed that there were families, friends, and couples present.


SERVICE: One of the best I have seen in a while. The staff was very professional and courteous. I was greeted on entry and seated at a lovely table that was already set. Water was brought to me without having to ask. The waiter was amazing. He checked on our group at very regular intervals just to make sure that we were well. This great customer service just made my experience even better.

FOOD: Simply Delicious! Let me just say in Jamaican terms ‘You get your money’s worth’. When the plate arrived, I started smiling, the food looked and smelled amazing. I was also  very pleased with the large portion size that I got, especially since this was a ‘fancy’ restaurant. I had the Teriyaki chicken with Fried shrimp and white rice. I also tried their Fried dumplings and the Green tea ice cream. I loved the taste of the dumplings while the ice cream was an acquired taste.The upside at this restaurant is that the wait time for food is not very long, thankfully.

Thinking about going out to eat lunch or dinner? Try Annex East Japanese, you will be glad you did. Annex East Japanese FB Cuisine

Restaurant Week 2016: Black Orchid Review

We,foodies, have been waiting patiently for this great week to arrive and it is finally here; Restaurant Week Jamaica 2016. This is the week where a select amount of restaurants offer a discount on their menus or a three course meal at a reasonable rate. I look forward to this week every year and it is not only because of the food, but because you get to explore Jamaica’s culture with friends and family. The laughter, the experience, getting dressed up nicely, and just the overall happiness are things I cherish during this time.

I decided that this year I would start off my week in fine dining style with my work colleagues, so we went to Black Orchid Restaurant at Eden Gardens Wellness Resort. Now, I’ve been to Eden Gardens before but I’ve never had the opportunity to go to their restaurant so you can just imagine my excitement. When I saw their restaurant week menu, I was very pleased and eager to try their food. Eden Gardens is always known to be a very beautiful and very calming place and as such my expectations were very high.



Upon arrival, I was greeted by the host and brought to sample a very lovely natural drink. I was then taken to my table where the host kindly pulled out my chair and had me seated. I was very pleased with the service so far. On my way to the dining area, I was amazed by the beauty of the place especially at night. It gives you that feeling like you are royalty and the colours that they used for decor matched the atmosphere very well.

We then met our waiter who was very friendly but as the night went on, I observed that he was rather forgetful/overwhelmed. I scanned through the menu a bit even though I knew long ago what I wanted to order. I selected the ‘Salmone Affumicato Crostini’ as my appetizer, but other persons in my group did try the Crab Garden and the Peas soup so I will be able to tell you all about it.img_20161112_212647

The salmon was a delight to eat. It is a very light appetizer and I enjoyed every bit of it except the blue cheese. Sadly I’m not a fan of blue cheese but if you are, you will enjoy that appetizer more than I did. The ‘Hawaiian Crab Garden’ was good but not great according to my 3 colleagues that had it. One even went as far as to say it tasted like saltfish. I did taste it and I can say it was well seasoned and I loved the spices that they used in it. The Hearty Split Peas soup I didn’t try but my friend advised that it was tasty, warm enough and a good starter.


After I had my appetizer, I was in dire need of water to get rid of the blue cheese aftertaste. I had to ask my waiter for water 3 times before I actually received some water. Come on, it was water. Someone should be there refilling your glasses every time they run low.

Moving on to the Main course, I was very excited to try their pork chop (Herb Guava Glazed Cotes de Porc). I had been dreaming of how the guava sauce would taste. When I got my meal, I wasn’t disappointed at all. There was this huge pork chop before me with a small scoop of mashed sweet potatoes (I would have liked more potatoes) and guava sauce drizzled all over. The smell was superb and it looked delicious. I’m going to be honest, I had this mouthwatering feeling and I’m not sure if it was the lighting that caused this, but the cut of pork was just glistening. I’m sure I could hear it say, ‘Eat me now.’ When I took my first bite, it was a divine experience. It was so very tender and juicy and the guava sauce just added that extra special layer to the meat. It was heavenly. As I came out of my bliss, I remembered that I wanted to find out about the other meals. The Grey Snapper Fillet (Ocean’s Finest) was also moist and cooked perfectly. It was seasoned well and the sauce that they used was amazing. It elevated the snapper and gave it a lovely flavour. The Chicken Roulade ( Spicy Chicken Roulade) was a tad bit oily but my colleagues seemed to have loved it because their plates were empty when I glanced over.


I’m going to be the one to say that Black Orchid Restaurant’s Entrées are delicious and worth it, even though their customer service needs a little work.

As we approached the last part of the meal, I was super excited because I love desserts. I ordered the ‘Decadent Chocolate Fudge Cake’ and it definitely lived up to its name. I observed it for a minute and it looked so moist and rich especially with the chocolate on top. I had my first taste and it was

‘melting in my mouth wonderful’.

I enjoyed every bite of that cake. It was truly a fudge cake to remember. The ‘Coconut Gateau’ was equally delightful and moist. The coconut shavings on top was what brought home the lovely flavour for me. Unfortunately, I can’t say much about the ‘Exotic Fruit Twist’ but that it looked beautiful and only had a hint of Rum cream in it. Going by the delicious tasting food I had all night, I’m sure that it was great too.


I had quite a night at Black Orchid Restaurant. I strongly believe that they should work on their customer service and be more organized. The main reason why I would return or recommend it to others, is because the food was absolutely delicious and the ambiance was beautiful.

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As we journey through Restaurant week, stay with me. I wonder which Jamaican Restaurant we’ll try next………

An Island Girl’s adventure at Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Let me first say; I was absolutely impressed! Do you ever feel like you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of life? Have you ever dreamed of just waking up, going to the dining room and seeing lots of different foods lined out, waiting for you to eat?   Luxury Bahia Principe was the answer; the vacation spot for me. As Jamaicans, we don’t really get to enjoy the many resorts on the island but we can start now. This is my review of the hotel and a few things you should know before visiting.

Journey from Kingston

The hotel is located in Runaway Bay, St. Ann, Jamaica. My best friend and I drove down to the hotel using the North Coast highway from Kingston. It took us at least 2 hours tops to get there. St. Ann is my home parish so it was pretty easy to get to our destination.

Our Arrival

A Hidden Paradise! It was amazing to see that such a place actually existed in the small resort town of Runaway Bay.


As with all our adventures, we had to have a small obstacle but this is what makes life interesting. This time it was with our room arrangements. It so happens that we came on the weekend where the hotel was booked to full capacity. We got checked in and excited as we were, we hurried to the room. Little did we know what awaited us.  We swiped our room card, opened the door and there it was, a room that wasn’t ready for guests. Nothing was prepared. Our excitement flew through the window instantly. Can you imagine travelling so far, only to see your room unprepared. We went back to the front desk personnel who was very friendly and I had the chance to speak with the Manager, who did everything he could to correct the problem. We got a lovely ocean view room stocked with a mini bar and a great flask of Jamaican rum to welcome us. By the time we got settled, it was late in the night, so we went to have dinner.

Dining Experience

Here I thought we had passed all the obstacles. I was wrong. The hotel has two sections: a family section and an adult only section. Guests from the Luxury Bahia Principe (adult only) can access the facilities at the Gran Bahia Principe (Family). On our visit to the dining room, we didn’t know exactly where to go so our nose guided us. On arriving at the dining room, we noticed lots of families and that’s when we realized we were over by Gran Bahia Principe. This first dining experience wasn’t so pleasant for me because the table wasn’t set, I had to ask several times to get some juice/water, napkins weren’t available until my meal ended and servers seemed to have been limited. My bestie and I ate and left as soon as we could.


They had a lot of cultural entertainment that night, but we went to bed right after dinner with the hope that the new day would be better.

New Day in Paradise

I woke up to this amazing view the next morning and I knew the day would be great.


We had a delicious breakfast on the adult side. The customer service was absolutely amazing, a breath of fresh air! I was greeted on entry, given hand sanitizer, seated, servers were at my beck and call and I was just in awe. We then went straight for the pool activities after breakfast. We did aerobics (which was a lot of fun), played volleyball, enjoyed the Jacuzzi and then we had a few drinks at the bar. We went down to the beach to have some fun and then rain started to fall. This didn’t stop the fun at all. Music was pumping and we were all in the rain dancing, swimming and snorkeling. After having the time of our lives in the rain, we had lunch at a beautiful poolside restaurant and went back to the room to start preparing for our dinner reservations. Back at the room, we learnt that we had the option for free room service and also access to a Butler. Knowing these options were available was great but I preferred a nice dinner in a relaxed setting.

Dining Experience 2

Since, we were spending a short time, we decided to go to two restaurants that night. Boy was I full! It was crazy. Delicious food here, there and everywhere. One thing that I enjoyed the most was trying out the sushi rolls for the first time, eating squid and octopus and clams. Also, their wine selection was nice and we got a special drink on entry at one of the restaurants. My friend tried to eat the bamboo shoots at the Asian restaurant and let me just say, it is an acquired taste.

Last Evening

On our last evening before we left, we changed rooms again. This time we got an upgrade to a room with a magnificent view of the hotel and a Jacuzzi in the bathroom.

We spent the rest of the day and the next morning chilling by the pool, paddle boarding by the beach, having drinks at the bar and watching a live marching band. My bestie and I experienced that life of luxury. The hotel definitely lived up to its name and I highly recommend that you

visit when you get the chance. Check out the hotel here: Luxury Bahia Principe Runaway Bay

Stay tuned for more adventures……..



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